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“xChange is safe, easy and very reliable to use”

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Versibox specialises in international container trading and leasing. We speak to their founder and managing director, Christian Vostoupal, about why he uses xChange and how he grows his business through us.

About Versibox

Versibox is a company with professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in container trading and leasing. The company was established with the idea that trust is built out of a true relationship between customers and suppliers. We are now a global company, providing ideas and solutions in container logistics in most countries. We always ensure quality and ethics in businesses.

Please tell us a little about Versibox.

Versibox specializes in the market of marine containers and modular building. We offer sales, leasing as well as special projects. As a global company, we operate in several countries, with a wide network of suppliers and partners. Professionals in our company have 20 years of experience in container trade and leasing, and can create solutions that best suit our customers.

What are the problems that you faced in container trading before using xChange?

Doing everything manually is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Before using xChange, I needed to consult several companies myself to find a container. But even if I found some potential partners, there were issues in handling the payments, and such situations create distrust and make some deals unfeasible.

How did you hear about us?

A partner company suggested that we try Container xChange out. And now, I use it on a weekly basis.

How has xChange helped you so far?

I find xChange safe and easy to use. At first, I check the prices that are available on the platform. If a budget meets my interest, I use the platform for my purchases. And I have met some great suppliers through xChange.

What do you like about the platform the most?

What I like most is the practicality and speed in which I can consult prices and start a negotiation. The information I get is reliable, easy and quickly accessible.

And having xChange intermediating the payments is also helpful. Because then I know that I will pay and receive the container, and if not, I can rely on xChange to help me with it.

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